Music Sketchbook Series II

by Sunsets and Hearts



The Music Sketchbook Series II began in the spring of 2013 as a way to continue to provide a readily available supply of music to my fans. All finishes of my work found in this sketchbook varies widely from time, and place with some focusing on having very simple ideas, and some having highly constructed soundscapes. Some of these songs are from my daily travels and lives of the people I know, but for the most part these songs follow my divergence and internal journeys, for developing compositional ideas that will eventually either turn into real songs on officially released albums or start as a precursor which will inevitably become something new over time.

Songs will continue to be released...until the unforeseeable futures.


released January 14, 2013

Art Photography by: H. N. Wright
All Music and Lyrics by: Car Gonzalez
"Music Sketchbook Series II," Mixed & Mastered by: Car Gonzalez
A(n) Self/Independent Release
©2013 Sunsets and Hearts
Distro: currently not possible



all rights reserved


Sunsets and Hearts Austin, Texas

Sunsets and Hearts is an experimental band based out of Austin, Texas. It is the project of Mexican American Artist, Car Gonzalez. The band released two EP's prior to their first full length album, Altered Faze (Dec 2011) and just recently, Variant EP (Nov 2012). The project began as a suffering need to release music at any cost, in which Gonzalez has described was at his lowest point in his life. ... more

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Track Name: Drown in Liquid Bleach and Repeat
You said I lied, You said I died, You said I sold out
You told me once, You told me twice, I'll never die
Keep fearing fear, It's even clearer, I see it in you

Return to you is all I'll do, Return to you
Return to you is all I'll do, Return to you

A point was made, You been betrayed, I've seen to form embrace
It's not enough, Be careful Laura, Its a double pun
You've seen the fear, Work out the fear
The church was right I've seen my father tonight

Return to you is all I'll do, Return to you
Return to you is all I'll do, Return to you