Variant EP

by Sunsets and Hearts



“Variant Ep is undoubtably the most personal album I've made to date and consider it a musical chronicle into my life from this past year. The album is a puzzle of spatially placed lyrics that are deliberately bleak and hurtfully honest.”

Drugs, family, depression, love and friends all play a part in this disconcert of an album. The music and tone of each song are undoubtedly very dark and claustrophobic with structure, arrangement and design purposefully all one-dimensional. To me it is pure artistic bastardization & fulfillment in restraint and focus...that I've yet to achieve on any of my past albums and for that I am sorry.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your ears.


Variant EP was recorded in a small house on the East Side of Austin, Tx in August & September of 2012. It was Mixed in Brooklyn, NY in October of 2012 and Mastered in Waupun, WI in January of 2014

Special Thanks to Tony Rios a great artist & friend.


released November 20, 2012

Art Photography by: Unknown
All Music and Lyrics by: Car Gonzalez
Variant Ep, Mixed by: Cedar Apffel
Variant Ep, Mastered by: Sam Sterk
A(n) Self/Independent Release
©2012 Sunsets and Hearts
Distro: currently not possible



all rights reserved


Sunsets and Hearts Austin, Texas

Sunsets and Hearts is an experimental band based out of Austin, Texas. It is the project of Mexican American Artist, Car Gonzalez. The band released two EP's prior to their first full length album, Altered Faze (Dec 2011) and just recently, Variant EP (Nov 2012). The project began as a suffering need to release music at any cost, in which Gonzalez has described was at his lowest point in his life. ... more

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Track Name: Stimuli
saw you this morning in your blue and black dress

saw you this morning it was a struggle to say bye

...and your leaving me alone just like all i’ve asked for

saw you this morning with your new boyfriend

saw you this morning there was a moment i had to lie

...and your leaving me alone just like all i’ve asked for

saw you this morning and you are the girl i miss the most

saw you this morning and thats how you were
Track Name: Aloysia Aeterna / David Lynch
i spend my whole life chasing you when will you come

come home to me

i promise i can be better too i can change

i want to

these drugs will never bring you back i’m out of control

im kool with that


when you fall into your broken life

won’t you leave it to what you will despise

fall in your love

and you seem to hold on to what you feel inside

when you seen me change not to way close

fall in your love
Track Name: Vyvyn Drive
i know you don’t have the time to bleed

don’t feel the light you need


i help you, you get what you want

you find to see what you start

you had your lies, you had the time to go

i know you you feel your life dissolve

you tear your life apart

its not her fault anymore

i know you will go away too late

you see what you’ve done today

you fall and fail away

no it will never end you see

it will start again you’ll bleed

its what i want for me
Track Name: GhostIN / LazerIN
you turn a left and you walk down through this cave of misery

you make a right and you see your hatred brothers from your past

you look up and their's no heaven to scream to, cause they'll kill you with dirty looks

you look down and there's your mother she's standing holding out her only life for her son

for her son, her son, her son, her son, her only son